Artist - Tatjana Fraser

I have spent my days surrounded by dusty trees and the orange earthly plains of this flat terrain.

Whilst many were restricted to the confinements of the indoors, I have been lucky enough to work outdoors every day, which has allowed me to meet and work with incredible people from around the world; all with different backgrounds and all with a story to tell.  


The concept of how we perceive nature, and how it perceives us, helped to steer my honours degree towards producing work that emphasised the importance of the human presence and the natural realm within the contemporary arts; where art meets nature and nature meets art, reflecting on the past, present and future ideas with reference to the local environments and the Anthropocene. This concept still proves to be present within my current work; from photographs taken on my daily walks and drawings I have created in reflection of my surrounding, all contained in a pocket-sized sketchbook by Yogi Tea, that my mum gave me before I left for Australia.


An incredible moment happened when realising that the colour film I had recently used, had in fact already been developed. I have been left with an incredible element of chance and a lovely montage. The collage is from photographs that I had previously taken around 2007 and today.