Tatijana Fraser


Tatijana Fraser is our youngest member and a very exciting new artist. She was brought up in Kintail and graduated from Gray's School of Art last year with a dregree in painting. She recently returned from Nepal where she helped build three primary schools for the charity 'All Hands, and Hearts', including painting murals in the schools. In her own words: "I am naturally drawn towards the elements within the wild lands in which we explore, through looking closer, or beyond what many would see. From underneath the layers of the ground revealed, to the roots of an under-turned tree. From the shape of a lake or loch, to that of islands ranging in scale. Seeking out shapes, reflections and shadows within our natural surroundings, where organic elements meet that of human-kind’s intervention; and through the act of walking, drawing, painting and photography, I have begun to observe these spectacular elements more closely."

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