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New work, Summer 2021

In recognition of this strange period in our lives the group have come together again with their new  'Awakenings' exhibition.  Much of the work focuses on the natural environment and the artists’ individual reactions to the pandemic.

As often happens with their group exhibitions, the works chime together in interesting ways to complement and enhance one another. The Collective believe that art is crucially important in the healing process, both personally and at a community level.

A full price-list is available on request.

Irene Blair

Irene has been making paintings and sculptures. The effect of the pandemic has made her more aware of what is important and this has affected her mark makings.

Rupert Copping

Rupert presents a few recent abstract works where the viewer is invited to lay down the burden of being human and to enjoy the paintings simply for what they are and not what they represent.

Susan Dawson

Susan has been influenced by the archaeological aspect of the landscape, particularly at High Pasture Cave where past communities have left their mark.

Greg Dobson

Greg is showing ‘Dream Awakening’, and bird-like sculptures: a fascinating new body of work based around the idea of nature reclaiming its space from humans: a comment on how we must find a way to live with and respect the natural world.

Aileen Grant

Aileen shows paintings and print of scenes in and around Lochcarron – the village, the shore and the loch itself, many of these depicted in atmospheric light.

Simon Larson

Simon has created highly-detailed close-ups of  mushrooms, ferns and gunnera plants revealing the awakening of a new cycle of  life emerging from the depths of winter.

Sarah Longley

Sarah has been collaborating with local naturalist and fern expert James Merryweather, and has created pen drawings of fern ‘crosiers’: the shapes which different species form as they unfurl.

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