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Artist - Sarah Longley


Since I have two girls at home I've had to adapt and work in a more spontaneous way, snatching opportunities as they arise rather than having the luxury of long, child-free hours in the studio. I'm doing less painting but more drawing; creating work alongside the children, learning from them and the bold way they draw. More than ever I am seeing the act of drawing as an elemental and necessary human urge, an intense way of seeing which calms the soul. 

The discipline of being confined to the parameters of the garden (for drawing) has meant a new appreciation for what is right in front of me. One of my enduring memories of Lockdown will be watching ants with Amelia, her utter delight at them picking up crumbs from our lunch and carrying them back to their nest. Maybe a forty-five year-old can learn more from a seven year-old than the other way around. Who is home-schooling whom?






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