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Artist - Simon Larson


On 16 March I was rushed to Broadford’s MacKinnon Hospital with severe breathing difficulties. That afternoon, I was transferred, via a blue-light ambulance, to Raigmore Hospital where I was placed in an isolation ward, as it was feared I had contracted Covid-19.  However, following further tests a formal diagnosis revealed a prolapsed cardiac mitral valve to be the cause.  I was transferred to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary on 19th March for additional tests which subsequently identified I also had coronary artery disease – an occluded anterior descending artery. Due to the pandemic, coupled to the fact I was a vulnerable patient, I wasn’t permitted any visitors. 


On the 24 March – the day after the UK Government formally announced the lockdown - I went under the knife where the prolapsed valve was repaired and a left internal mammary artery was grafted to replace the blocked artery.  After discharge on 30 March, I returned home to full isolation.


These six images are taken form a series that represent my cathartic coming-to-terms with such a significant physical and mental trauma.






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